Champion Beer of Britain Voting

Voting guide

Notice: Any unsubmitted nominations will now automatically be submitted when voting ends.

Login using your CAMRA membership details. (CBOB voting is open to CAMRA members only)


Visit the voting page and begin searching for all your favourite beers. You can find beers using the search bar and/or the category search.


Add beers to your shortlist using the add thumbs up icon next to the beer name. (or just click on the beer name) You can vote for just one beer or up to five beers per category. It is easier to select all the beers you are going to vote for in all categories now. Then rearrange them later. Each selected beer will be given a rank from 1 to 5 in ascending order. (Don't worry, you can reorder this at any time). Beers in rank 1 will be given the most points and beers in rank 5 will be given the least points.


You can filter the beers that show up in the search by "National" or "Area" beers. The "Area" filter will only show beers in your CAMRA CBOB area. It does not matter how many you pick from each as long as the total does not exceed 5.


View your shortlist by clicking on the blue "thumbs up" icon floating on the right hand side. This will bring up a shortlist menu where you can rearrange the rank of your votes, edit or remove them.

On Desktop you can drag and drop the ranking order of the beers in the shortlist. On mobile you can click on the up and down arrows to rank them.


When you are happy with your selection, proceed to the next step using the button at the bottom of your shortlist to confirm your vote choices and finally submit.

You can log back in to edit your votes anytime up until the closing date of 4th November 2024.

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